Tsinghua International Blockchain Association (TIBA) news roundup 10 June

Jun 10, 2021
Photo by Jievani Weerasinghe on Unsplash

Where Investors Earned The Most From Bitcoin In 2020. [Statista]

HKMA Will Work on Digital Hong Kong Dollar as Part of Fintech 2025 Strategy. [China Banking News]

China Aims to Become Global Leader in Blockchain by 2025 as Cryptocurrency Crackdown Widens. [Pandaily]

The NFT bubble has popped. Now what? [KrASIA]

Chinese Police Arrest 1.1K People on Crypto-Related Money Laundering Charges. [Coindesk]

Developer of China’s Blockchain-Based Service Network Gets $30M in Series A Funding. [Coindesk]

China’s Qinghai Province Has Ordered All Crypto Miners to Shut Down. [Coindesk]

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