Tsinghua International Blockchain Association (TIBA) news roundup 15 December

Photo by Adam Nowakowski on Unsplash

China has no plan to replace USD with digital yuan, former PBoC head says. [Cointelegraph]

Chinese residents make 20K transactions in digital yuan trial event. [Cointelegraph]

JD kicked off the Double Twelve festival on Friday evening with nearly 20,000 orders using the digital yuan. [South China Morning Post]

Xiong’an leads in blockchain tech use. [China Daily]

JPMorgan Sees $600 Billion Demand for Bitcoin From Global Institutional Adoption. [Bitcoin.com]

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Compiled by Nico Gous (nicogous@gmail.com / nico.gous@yahoo.com)




Tsinghua International Blockchain Association @ Beijing, China

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Tsinghua International Blockchain Association @ Beijing, China

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