Tsinghua International Blockchain Association (TIBA) news roundup 30 October

Huawei has announced that its forthcoming Mate40 smartphone series will include an integrated hardware wallet for China’s central bank digital currency, the digital yuan. This will be the first smartphone to feature such a wallet. Source: Cointelegraph / Weibo

Authorities in Chengdu, China plan to adopt blockchain for several use cases throughout the city, including urban governance, cross-border trade, smart manufacturing, and agriculture. Source: Cointelegraph

Conflux Network, the only public, permissionless blockchain project endorsed by the state in China, announced the launch of the Conflux mainnet Tethys. Applications don’t need to worry about changes or migration during updates, because the Conflux ledger is now permanent. Source: AiThority / Forkast

A Chinese court has denied an appeal made by the masterminds of a $1.1 billion crypto Ponzi scheme sentenced to years in prison. The court cited blockchain data, which shows the scheme had absorbed crypto assets worth a combined 7.7 billion yuan, or $1.1 billion. Source: The Block

China’s wealth management market value hit 114 trillion yuan at the end of Q1 2020. Artificial intelligence and blockchain and other digital technologies can boost volume, improve services and cut costs, said Lian Ping, chief economist of Zhixin Investment Research Institute. Source: Shine.cn

Compiled by Nico Gous (nicogous@gmail.com / nico.gous@yahoo.com)

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